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Australian Psychological Society (APS)

Information of symptoms, causes, treatment, seeking help and tips to improve your mood.

Beyond Blue

Information about signs and symptoms, treatment and support, causes of depression, types of depression, recovering and staying well, depression checklist quiz and personal stories.

Black Dog Institute 

Information about seeking help for depression, causes, types and treatment for depression with depression self test.


Crisis support for suicide prevention over phone (13 11 14), crisis support chat and help resources


Includes fact sheet with information regarding what depression is, the causes, symptoms, treatment as well as a guide to help understanding depression how treatment helps, looking after yourself and how family and friends are affected.



Information about symptoms, types of anxiety disorders, causes, treatments, seeking help and tips to manage anxiety.

Beyond Blue

Information about the types of anxiety, signs and symptoms, the causes of anxiety, management strategies, treatment and support, personal stories and an anxiety checklist quiz.


Information on what anxiety disorders are, the causes, experiences that can be part of anxiety disorders, prevalence, treatments and how they can help as well as a guide to understanding anxiety disorders, how treatment helps, how to help yourself and supporting someone with an anxiety disorder.

Grief / Loss


Information of symptoms, treatment, seeking help and tips to help with grief and loss.

Beyond Blue

Information of what are grief and loss, getting through grief and loss, what you can do to help yourself, how to help a person who is experiencing grief and loss and how to differentiate from depression.


Support services (online and phone counselling services) and specialised programs for cancer grief, international student support, 



Factsheets and information on Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Phoenix Australia - Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health

A non-for-profit organisation dedicated to recovery from trauma, supplying current research, factsheets and recovery information.

Psychosocial Support in Disasters 

Information designed for people affected by emergency or disaster, or those supporting those affected. They supply resources to help people to understand the stress response and help them cope. They involve information on common responses after disasters, self help resources, helping children who have been affected by disasters and seeking further help.


Fact sheet on post traumatic stress disorder including symptoms, causes, seeking help and treatment and self care.

Sleep Disorders


Fact sheet on insomnia, including symptoms, causes, treatment, seeking help and tips to improve sleep.

Sleep Disorders Australia

Information on a number of sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy, idiopathic. hypersomnia and cicardian rhythm disorders. They also provide information on sleep clinics. 

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