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What To Expect

Prior to your first appointment, you may have received a referral (mental health care plan) from your general practitioner (GP) or psychiatrist. This will make you eligible to receive a medicare rebate for 10 sessions per calendar year. Without a mental health care plan, you can still see a psychologist. If you have private health insurance extras or compensating organisation cover (such as workcover), you may be eligible for a rebate.

During you first appointment, your psychologist will briefly go over important paperwork with you. This will include completing a basic personal information intake form and a consent form covering aspects of confidentiality, fees and other important information regarding you sessions. If you have been referred by a GP or psychiatrist, the details of your mental health care plan will be discussed. Sessions are approximately 50 minutes.

The remainder of your first session and following sessions will be spent discussing / exploring the issues that brought you here. Through collaborative, supportive and flexible approaches (see here), we gather background history in order to help understand more about what may be triggering and maintaining your current issues.

After your appointment, if you have a mental health care plan, your medicare rebate will be processed. The rebate takes up to 24 hours to be reimbursed into your bank account. For third party claiming, an invoice will be provided that allows you to process your claim. Future appointments are booked during this time.

What to Expect
Bookings & Referrals
Bookings & Referrals FAQs

How do I book an appointment with MRPS?

You can schedule your appointment with MRPS by calling or texting us on 0421 137 282 or emailing If we are unable to take your call at the time, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do I need a referral to see a psychologist at MRPS?

A referral is not required to see a psychologist, but it will enable you to receive a Medicare rebate. A referral to see a psychologist is called a 'Mental Health Care Plan', and this entitles you to 10 sessions, per calendar year, to be covered under the Medicare scheme. You can receive this care plan from your GP or psychiatrist. 

What are the waiting times for a new appointment?

Waiting times vary, however we are generally able to book new clients in for an appointment from within one week to three weeks. During the long wait times, we have a waitlist program that ensures any cancellations go to those who need to wait.

Do you do after-hours appointments?

Yes. We have appointments ranging from 5pm-8pm during some weeknights, and early morning appointments from 7am-9am on some weekdays.

If I need to reschedule/cancel my appointment, how do I do this?

We understand things can pop up that restrict you from attending your scheduled appointment. Please contact us via 0421 137 282 as soon as you are aware of your need to cancel. Please be aware that the full payment will be required if the appointment is not cancelled within two hours of the scheduled appointment.

Do you provide psychological assessments and reports?

Yes we do, however it is important that you let us know the type of assessment or report required during your initial booking request. Please be advised that fees may apply.

Payments & Reimbursements
Payment & Reimbursment FAQs

What will my session fee be?

The session fee will depends on the location and client, ranging between $220-$260. Special cases are charged at the full Australian Psychological Society recommended scheduling fee.


How can I pay?

We primarily accept payments via direct debit, however can accept cash for face-to-face appointments.


Are there discounted fees?

Yes, we are able to offer discounted fees but only with proof of a medicare Health Care Card.


Can I claim through private health insurance?

You can claim through your private health insurance if it covers psychological counselling as extras cover. The amount rebated depends on your insurance policy, and the claiming process is done privately between the client and insurance company. It is recommended to enquire beforehand to your eligibility with your insurer.


Can I claim through a third party such as WorkCover or TAC?

MRPS see clients referred through third parties, and are able to provide reports and invoices required for these services. Nevertheless, reimbursement from these organisations must be completed in the same way as above, the client paying the full fee and being reimbursed from the insurer. 


I have forgotten to attend my appointment or canceled too late, is there a cancellation fee?

Yes. For appointments cancelled with less than two hours notice, or for non-attendance, the cancellation fee will be the full price for the session. This will be discussed in the first session. These fees are not medicare rebatable. 


How much will I get back from medicare?

The medicare rebate is currently $136.35 for clinical psychology consultation. If you have reached the medicare threshold, this will be much higher, covering the majority of your fee (i.e.: 85% of your fee). 


How long does it take to receive my rebate?

Rebates should come through no longer than 24 business hours after being processed.



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